Thank you to all our partners. Together, we make music happen!

Here's some of the sweet, sweet help our partners have provided:

ADX gave a forever home to the first piano we placed community center. It is still available for anybody to play - visit and give it a try. 


Benji Vuong is a local photographer who has helped us document the impact our pianos have had on the community. His photos are featured throughout our website. 


Classic Pianos of Portland are the most awesome piano experts, ever! They are coordinating and moving our pianos as they visit the parks and sidewalks this year.


A to Z Moving makes sure our pianos arrive, safe, sounding great, and looking as beautiful as the moment they left the designer's studio.


West Coast Piano donated a bunch of delightful pianos and helped with moving these beauties around town to meet piano fans everywhere.


The Portland Art Museum provided a home for our first piano of 2104 and, in 2015, went through the roof with support, fund-raising, planning, and hosting our opening concert, They've sponsored tuning and moving, and done so much more it's hard to even describe it all.


Portland Piano Company started it all by donating our first piano. They believed in us when it was just a dream. You never forget your first! 


Esperanza Spalding has provided so much love that it's hard to thank her properly. She provided financial support for the project from the beginning.  She inspires us to follow her lead keeping music education in the lives of children.


Awesome Portland provides help, inspiration and funding for all sorts of projects, including ours. They awarded us a generous grant in July 2013.


Pragmatic Design Studio is helping us connect with you via this web site. 


Melewdesign {dot} com (aka Meghan Lewis) assisted with creating a cohesive look and fun website to bring you closer to the Piano. Push. Play! vision through the website.


Urban Airship provided us with the high-technology and support that enables our mobile app to help you find our pianos all summer long. Special thanks to Urban Airshipper Misty DeGiulio for her mad coding skillz.


Gimbal provided us with the ultra-cool iBeacon technology that lets our pianos reach out and message people using our app, inviting them to come play. 


James Stiehl and Misty DeGiulio, Portland Code School students, built our app for us under the guidance of Erick Bennett, instructor, and with the help of Al Zimmerman, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. So cool!

Become a Partner!

It takes a village to share the music.

Piano! Push Play wouldn't be possible without the support of our wonderful partners. 

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