What's ahead for 2017

Our artists, designers, and developers have been exploring the synthesis of technology and art for years now with our mobile app and examples like #SeeingSound (2015) and Ella (2016).

We'd like to take our technology even further in 2017.  We're currently prototyping our next-generation platform with Raspberry Pi's, NeoPixel arrays, LCD screens, cameras, sensors, and solenoids. We're also building our next-generation mobile app.

Here are some stories to give you an idea of what we're thinking about.

Piano Stories

The Invitation

In which a piano gets lonely and invites people to play when she knows somebody is around.

The Competition

In which a piano recognizes, remembers, and rewards people who like to play. And tells them about herself as they play.

The COnnection

In which a piano helps people meet and collaborate across the city or the world.

The ForEcast

In which a piano asks a volunteer for help when it's concerned about the weather.

The Rollout

In which a piano knows when it's being moved and the mobile app helps managing the pianos quick and easy.

The Emergency

In which a piano asks for help when somebody tries to play it after hours and then defends itself when the would-be vandal gets abusive.