Piano Stories:
The Rollout

This is a narrative, a way of exploring the requirements of our next generation of digital technology for our pianos. See what you think!


"I'm not exactly sure," Megan said into the phone, "I haven't been there yet.  I'll meet you in the north parking lot, ok? Jim should be there."

She dialed up the app. She was glad to see the that the listing for that piano had already updated to, "On the move! Stay tuned! I know I will :-)"  The movers had the piano in the truck, apparently, and were on the road to the next location. She was glad the pianos all had GPS in them now. This worked a lot better than waiting for Al to update the app database and web site. 

She jumped on her bike and headed after the truck.

When she got there, the movers were talking to Jim, the site manager. "Why don't we put it over there on the grass?" he was saying, "It's really pretty there and everybody will be able to sit around and listen." The movers were nodding and rolling the piano down the ramp, eager to finish and get on to their next job.

"Are there sprinklers?" asked Megan.

"Oh!" said the manager. "I see."

"How about under the pavilion?" one mover asked, "That's dry all the time."

"Will people see it?" asked Megan.

"How about we put it near the front, off to the side?"said the manager. "People will see it, it's away from the sprinklers ..."

"...and it will sound great," agreed Megan. The movers quickly placed it as ordered.

After checking the keys (one or two slightly out of tune, but not too bad), Megan signed into the app as an admin and switched to the administrative interface. She checked the location on the map and was happy to see it wasn't too far off. She moved the marker slightly, described the location, and released the info to the app and website.  

She took a picture or two of the piano as two little kids started to play, put the better one through a filter or two and shared it on Instagram and Facebook. She copied the pic to the app and it took over, cropping and uploading it to be the new hero shot on the app and the main website. She'd update it later when Benji the photographer worked his magic and came up with his usual beautiful images.

With one last change, updating the sponsor field to include Portland Parks and Rec, she was done. The moving truck was already gone, on it's way to the next pickup. She got on her bike and headed to intercept them again at the next destination.

"Sheesh," she said under her breath, "whose bright idea was it to put a piano up on Mt. Tabor?"


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