This wonderful piano is on its way to its forever home.


This piano was decorated by the Bureau of Betterment. Mette Hornung Rankin is a designer & illustrator born in Central Oregon with roots in Denmark. Professionally she focuses on packaging, branding & illustration for books, food and travel. Personally, she feels most free when creating things and hopes the things she creates makes others feel free too.

I used patterning and texture to mimic the variety and nuance that pianos are capable of and to get the feeling of how it is when you play. A glossy white enamel paint coat topped with black illustration was a simple way to stay true to the piano’s form and accentuate the features of this individual instrument. In practice, creating an illustration of this scale and purpose was a purposeful and meditative experience.
— Mette Hornung Rankin



This piano is sponsored by Hilton Portland & Executive Tower.

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