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"Nadia" — by designer: Big Giant (Jason Bacon)

Photography by:   Benji Vuong

Photography by: Benji Vuong


Youth Music Project

(Forever Home)


Big Giant

(Jason Bacon)


Nadia Boulanger


Charles Schwab

We rescue pianos and put them on the street for everybody to enjoy. We want to give pianists more opportunities to play for the public.



The piano created by Big-Giant is a visualization of the collaborative creative process that defines our studio. It’s a frozen moment exposing the multitude of parallel paths, individual decisions and singular ideas that culminate into bringing a larger story to life. Each contribution to the greater good is like the activation of individual keys, which in turn move felted hammers that strike precisely strung wires. These linked actions release the notes that intertwine to build a chord and then, we string them together to form a sonic narrative intended to take us on a journey.

This often mystical organization of sound can be viewed scientifically and objectified as a series of sign waves which provides a technically accurate description of what we are experiencing. Understanding this structure and finding power in the order and precision is invaluable. But it’s the imperfections, unexpected combinations and beautifully human flaws that fulfill a deeper emotional need for a shared experience filled with meaning.

Like the creative process, we find inspiration in these seemingly infinite chord progressions and the notes that form the accompanying melodies. We see ourselves in the struggle between self expression and structured control. When we work together to craft stories that artfully combine emotion and technical understanding, we believe, anything is possible.



Big-Giant is a creative studio that brings great brand stories to life through artful experiences.
Be Artful. Be Thoughtful. Be Thankful.


Namesake Musician: 
Nadia Boulanger

Juliette Nadia Boulanger (16 September 1887 – 22 October 1979) was a French composer, conductor, and teacher. She is notable for having taught many of the leading composers and musicians of the 20th century. She also performed occasionally as a pianist and organist.


From a musical family, she achieved early honors as a student at the Paris Conservatoire but, believing that she had no particular talent as a composer, she gave up writing music and became a teacher. In that capacity, she influenced generations of young composers, especially those from the United States and other English-speaking countries. Among her students were those who became leading composers, soloists, arrangers and conductors, including Aaron Copland, Roy Harris, Quincy Jones, John Eliot
Gardiner, Elliott Carter, Dinu Lipatti, Igor Markevitch, 
Virgil Thomson, David Diamond, İdil Biret, Daniel
Barenboim, Philip Glass and Astor Piazzolla.


Boulanger taught in the US and England, working with music academies including the Juilliard School, the Yehudi Menuhin School, the Longy School, the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, but her principal base for most of her life was her family's flat in Paris, where she taught for most of the seven decades from the start of her career until her death at the age of 92.


Boulanger was the first woman to conduct many major orchestras in America and Europe, including the BBC Symphony, Boston Symphony, Hallé, New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia orchestras. She conducted several world premieres, including works by Copland and Stravinsky.


Wikipedia: Nadia Boulanger


youth music project
WEST linn, Oregon
(forever home)

Youth Music Project

Youth Music Project



We rescue pianos, put them on the street for everyone to enjoy, and then give them to schools, community centers, artists, and others who will love them as much as we do.


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