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This piano was decorated by Jennifer Mark and Juliet Moran of Open Eye Art. They write:

"This beautiful Chicago made piano is gilded with various NW plants that are familiar to everyone in the region.  There are trillium, crocosmia, Oregon grape, ferns and hyacinth and even a bird.  We chose to add a chalkboard on the back because we thought it would be cool for the musicians to share their name or even a message with their audiences.  So often we listen to amazing street musicians and we never learn their names or hear their stories. 

"We knew the piano would be a “magnet” for kids so we hid a tiny trompe l'oeil mouse on the back. We made sure the piano was interesting up close, far away and from all sides.

We chose to hand gild the piano with gold so it would catch the glistening sun light as it sat on the streets of Portland. We didn’t expect to get a piano in such great condition so it was crucial to come up with a design that complimented the intricate Tiger Oak pattern and didn’t cover it up. Because the piano will be out in an urban environment it needed a garden of its own. All the NW plants were gilded as though they were growing withni and alongsiden the piano.

Music has a way of expressing our emotions with greater depth than our words can. The Hans Christian Anderson quote, “Where words fail, music speaks” seemed perfect. It is placed where the musician can see it as a reminder of the gift that they give the world everyday. Music gives voice to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and nourishes the souls of the musicians and the listeners.
— Jennifer Mark and Juliet Moran

When we first started cleaning up the piano we discovered some fun clues that alluded to its past.

  • Pieces of a broken coffee carafe
  • A jack
  • A Black guitar key
  • A  marble
  • Part of a binding from a Kewpie Book from the 20’s
  • Tag showing it was last tuned at Meier and Frank in 1932


This piano is sponsored by Umpqua Bank.

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