Chopin has left the streets for the summer.


This piano was decorated by the wonderful folks at Roundhouse Agency.

We’re very excited! We decided to create a way for people to interact with the piano on another level than just playing it, how can someone without music talent/confidence still get something from our piano? We settled on an experience shared by children and adults alike: drawing with chalk. In doing so we felt that the piano is not only saying “Please play me” but also “Please play with me”. When this piano is out in the wild of Portland we hope you’ll add your own creations with the chalk provided in the bench. So get messy, erase, create and share your art with all of our city.

— Roundhouse



This piano is sponsored by Gimbal. They provided the iBeacons and software platform that helps our pianos reach out and talk to you through our mobile app.

About Piano! Push Play!

We rescue pianos, put them on the street for everyone to enjoy, and then give them to schools, community centers, artists, and others who will love them as much as we do.

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