Our Pianos: Bartok

Bartok has left the building!!


This piano was decorated by the great team at Struck.


It all started with a fever dream. A color block fever dream.

We were going to focus on a design with all sorts of colors. But then it hit us. Red. STRUCK RED. After that our design concept quickly grew into a creature. Well monster. Literally. At Struck, we all like monsters. And we have some pretty sweet creatives on staff. So, one of our tremendously creative art directors illustrated a couple concepts for fun and we picked one.

After some sanding, taping, and a couple of paint strokes, we had a monster. But, like a startup straight out of our favorite show Silicon Valley, we decided to “pivot” and take our monster skin and make it a color-blocked tee. This is Portland after all. And then we found ourselves back to the fever dream – full circle.
— Struck


This piano is sponsored by Harold Goldstein.

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About Piano! Push Play!

We rescue pianos, put them on the street for everyone to enjoy, and then give them to schools, community centers, artists, and others who will love them as much as we do.

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