We added all sorts of new locations in 2014 so there were more places to play! Click on the markers below or scroll down for information about where we placed a particular piano.

Almost all pianos hosted concerts by our cadre of performers, usually at 7pm in the evening. 

We'll be coming out with our new locations for 2015 soon. Stay tuned!


Portland Art Museum: Our First Piano of 2014

We were proud to place our first public piano with our good friends at the Portland Art Museum. It was available for public players every day during museum hours. 

SW Park Avenue & Madison
Monday – Sunday during museum hours.


Pioneer Courthouse Square: Portland's Living Room

Nestled in the little open theater below Starbucks, this location has excellent acoustics and always has a steady stream of visitors, chess players, and musicians. 

SW Broadway & Morrison

Monday - Sunday during daylight hours. (Closed when there are other events going on - check it out to make sure..)


Rose Festival Foundation Patio: On The Waterfront

Come beat the Summer heat at the Rose Festival Foundation Patio, right by the Salmon Street Springs fountain on Naito Parkway. A new location for 2014!

SW Salmon & Naito Parkway
Open all hours.


13th & Burnside:
Our Favorite

Yep, this is the piano in our OPB video. Come play a historical monument! (Just kidding). This is our favorite location, across from Ringler's Annex, just near the bike statue.  

Open all hours.


Our First Forever Home

The first piano to find a home! Not really a public piano, but you can play it when you are at the wonderful ADX facility. 417 SE 11th Ave. Go on in and give it a try! Open during ADX hours. Visit their web site for details.