Piano Stories:
The Invitation

This is a narrative, a way of exploring the requirements of our next generation of digital technology for our pianos. See what you think!


She's headed home from work, the twilight gathering around her. As she crosses the Park Blocks towards the art museum, her phone chimes. She looks. There's a notification on the screen.

"Listen!" it says.

She looks around.

Off in the distance, she suddenly hears the notes of a chord, arpeggios up, then down, then notes at random. Like wind chimes.

Her phone chimes again. Another notification: "Please play me!"

The chord plays again.  Then, a single note, pinging like sonar.

She walks toward the sound of the note. It's been years since her lessons, but she's intrigued. She finds the piano and sits on the bench. The note stops.

On the small screen attached to the piano, right in front of her eyes, the words appear: "Please Play Me"

She begins to play.  Occasionally, colors and shapes appear on the screen. Then parts of the piano begin to glow in different colors in time with the screen, all seemingly in response to her music. Colors inside, among the strings. Colors under the piano, under the bench. Colors moving along the edges of the case. She tries different notes, different chords to see what the colors do. She tries a song from long ago, from her lessons. It ends up being predominantly blue, with golden highlights.

She plays for a time, then stops. The piano goes dark except for a softly pulsing blue glow on the small screen. She stands up.

On the screen, golden letters appear: "Thank you."


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