Piano Stories:
The Forecast

This is a narrative, a way of exploring the requirements of our next generation of digital technology for our pianos. See what you think!


To: auraelius@gmail.com
From: weather-bot@pianopushplay.com
Cc: megan@pianopushplay.com
Date: 14 July 2017, 2:35PM PDT
Subject: [PPP] Urgent: Regarding Hildegard: Looks like rain on Council Crest


This is an automated message from the weather bot at Piano. Push. Play. Please do not reply. If you have questions, please send them to megan@painopushplay.com

You are listed as the piano watch person at Council Crest, where Hildegard is currently located. Weather Underground forecasts 80% chance of rain at that location within the next four hours.

Would you please go cover her up? If you can't, would you post to the piano watch Facebook Group to see if somebody else can?

These are her current stats, as of 14-07-2017-14:34:21 PDT:

Humidity: 87% (above threshold)
Solar cell production: 50% of normal for this hour (Overcast? Covered? Malfunction?)
Barometer: dropping
Rain gauge: dry
Battery: 63%
Vibration: Normal

Diagnostics: Normal
Latitude: 45.4986
Longitude: -122.7079
Altitude: 1073 ft.
Play sessions today: 46
Play sessions at this location: 837
Play sessions total: 1229
Signed-in app users today: 3
Signed-in app users at this location: 65
Signed-in app users total: 125

Bench sensor: Active (Somebody sitting?)
Sound sensor: Active (Somebody playing?)
Nearby phones with app: None
Data: Connected 2G
WiFi: None

Video: Unavailable (Low network bandwidth)
Audio: Unavailable (Low network bandwidth)
Restricted hours: None
Lock: None
Name: "Hildegard" 

Location description: "In the center of the circle, high atop Council Crest."

Volunteer: "Al Zimmerman <auraelius@gmail.com>"

Last log entry: [14-07-2017-07:42:01 auraelius@gmail.com"Left tarp and bungie cords there after uncovering her this morning." 

More info: http://www.pianopushplay.com/pianos/hildegard


The weatherbot at Piano. Push. Play.


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