Piano Stories:
The Connection

This is a narrative, a way of exploring the requirements of our next generation of digital technology for our pianos. See what you think!


He's playing at the street piano at 13th and Burnside when the screen turns on and displays, "Would you like to play a duet with another player?"

Two buttons appear on the screen, yes and no. He touches "yes."

The screen displays the message, "I'm going to turn on the camera, but we won't record anything. It's just you and the other player. Ok? " He touches "yes" again.

Suddenly, there's another person looking at him from the screen. A young woman, sitting at another piano. "Hello?" he says.

"Hello! Where are you?" she replies. There must be a speaker behind the screen, inside the piano somewhere.

"I'm across from Powells. Where are you?"

"I'm on the waterfront. What are you playing?"

"Something I wrote. Here, can you hear this?" He plays for a little while.

"That's nice," she says. "Listen to this." She plays chopsticks and laughs.

They discover they can hear each other, but when they try to play together, there's a little bit of delay. It makes it hard to stay in time. 

They decide that they'll meet up later and try a duet in person. It turns out they both know "Heart and Soul."


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