Fall 2017 Piano Locations

Please note

Most of these pianos have been placed in their "forever homes." These locations may not be open to the public or you may need to make arrangements to visit. Please call ahead and find out if you can visit and play these pianos.


A. Anna at Luscher Farm
B. Carole at The Dougy Center
C. Clara at Northwest Children's Theater and School
D. Clementine at Green Tulip Preschool
E. Darcelle at The Q Center
F. Ellington at Portland Airport
G. Fanny at Vestal Elementary School
H. Haydn at Portland Center Stage
I. Liszt at World Forestry Center
J. Mitsuko at Artistic Portland
K. Nina at Know Thy Food Coop
L. Norah at Mister Theater
M. seeingsound at Cymaspace
N. Tori at ADX
O. Vivian at Children's Museum
P. Wendy at Oregon Zoo