Piano! Push Play! began with two objectives: to give young pianists a new exciting way to share their talent and hard work, and to give the public a chance to experience trained musicianship outside and away from the typical concert hall.  

This outreach project is about developing more ways for people to see, hear and enjoy this instrument in action. It began as a pop-up concert series with one piano on one street corner -- created to break down the barrier between performers and audience members, between professional musicians and students, amateurs and those who just enjoy listening.

We want to give pianists more opportunities to play for the public, for them to be able to play for people as easily as any street performer can; just set up on a sidewalk and make music.

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We believe that simply by exposing people to the visual and auditory experience of a fellow human playing this instrument, we are reminded of how magical and vital music is.
— Megan McGeorge, Founder


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