The pianos are moving and the hills are alive with music. Come play with us!

Come sing and play with us!

The pianos have been out in the streets and parks of Portland for a couple of weeks now. People all over the area are singing, playing, listening, and laughing. Come out and join us!

Some of the pianos have moved. Nadia flew from Council Crest over to Mt Tabor (Come see Asher Fulero's Sunset Concert up there Sunday evening).Amy left the Oregon Historical Society and climbed Powell Butte. And Dianacontinues her tour of Portland, going from City Hall, to the Pioneer Place Apple Store, to the roof of the Society Hotel! And, of course, all our other lovelies are still where they were.

One of the coolest things we've seen is music teachers bringing their classes to the pianos. This Saturday morning, you can join the Youth Music Project at the magnificent "Fur Elise" piano at the Portland Art Museum.

Catch them all!

For a map of all the latest locations, see our map or use our app!

Thanks, Apple!

We had a great time with the Pioneer Place Apple Store this past week. Megan talked to the staff about the project and our developers Misty and James described how they built our mobile app.

Then, the little spinet Diana joined us from City Hall to delight Apple Store employees (many of whom are musicians and artists) all weekend out on the patio.

Akila Fields plays Diana, designed by Cassandra Frances

Akila Fields plays Diana, designed by Cassandra Frances

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Friends serenading friends on Council Crest with Nadia.