Music on the streets in the summertime. Encore performances!


Sunset Concert Encore

Last Sunday night we enjoyed a sunset concert by recording artist Asher Fulero. He played a mix of Eric Clapton, Elliot Smith, Phish, and lots of Asher originals.


It was so popular, we've asked him back for an encore performance. Please join us!


Join Us!
This Sunday at 7:30 PM up on Mt. Tabor. It's free! 

Make some music.
Make some memories.

Sit next to one of our pianos and within minutes you'll see somebody walk up and touch a key. That first, tentative note. They tell their companion, "It's been years since I played." But they sit. They start to play.


Sometimes it's "Heart and Soul." Sometimes it's "Chopsticks." Sometimes it's just a series of notes, one after another. A simple melody.

But sometimes it's Chopin. Rihanna. Beethoven. The Beatles. Sometimes, they sing. Sometimes, others join in.

It's their music. But it's more than that: it's memory, it's meaning. And you become part of it.


If you haven't had a chance yet, go sit near one of our pianos. Even if you don't play. Be an audience to someone's music, a witness to their memories.

Find them on our map, or use our app.