Friends Reunite at Columbia Park Piano

Our amazing photographer, Benji Bảo Vương, is a master at capturing moments, He writes:

"I had the privilege of meeting LeAnn and Sally while shooting at Columbia Park yesterday. They have been friends since both were 8 years old. Both grew up in northern California, but due to life turns and events Sally ended up living in Scotland for a period of time and now reside in Vermont, while LeAnn remained on the west coast and lives in Portland. After 16 years, they finally meet again in Portland and LeAnn mentioned to Sally about the mysterious piano she found at Columbia Park and this was where I met them and captured this moment.

"LeAnn brought her music book with her to the park where LeAnn played some fantastic scores from The Sound of Music while Sally sang. Their families accompanied them by their sides and sang along while bystanders are 'wowed' by the performance! Truly a great evening.

"Thank you for sharing your moment with me!"

Link to his post on Facebook