Need help finding our pianos?


Thanks to some talented people, we've got an app for that!

We were looking for a new and fun way for people to find and play the pianos, so we asked our friends at Portland Code School to help.

Students Misty DeGiulio and James Stiehl created a wonderfully simple app to help you find the nearest piano and share the fun with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever.

But they didn't stop there.

Misty wanted to use some state-of-the art high technology (after all, she works at Urban Airship, one of Portland's premier technology companies) so she added "iBeacon Push Notification Technology." What does that mean?

The pianos talk to you. 


That's right, when you get near to one of our pianos it will send a message to your phone, inviting you to come play! When you get there, the app will help you take a picture and share it.

We think it's a wonderful combination of public performance art and the latest in high technology. Download the app from the app store and go exploring! Find them on the map. Share them with your friends. See if you can visit them all!

Thanks to our friends: